SimuLase™ Demo

Download a free demo-version of SimuLase™ as well as its full manual and a quick-start guide. You can download a description of real life examples of how SimuLase can be used to design, analyze and optimize e.g. edge-emitting devices and VECSELs. You can also download a demo GainDatabase, a corresponding structure file and some experimentally measured photo luminescence data that allow one to reproduce the example of an edge emitting structure discussed in the examples-guide.

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Demo of SimuLase™:

SimuLase_3.0 Demo Version
(4.9Mb, last update:

SimuLase Manual

(pdf-file, 3.2Mb,
last update: 05/08/19)

Description of typical examples

(pdf-file, 1.0Mb,
last update: 05/08/19)

SimuLase QuickStartGuide

(pdf-file, 0.9Mb,
last update: 05/08/19)

Example Structure of an Edge Emitter


Demo of GainDatabase

(zipped: 39.6Mb,
extracted: 109Mb)

Reduced Demo of GainDatabase


Example of Experimentally Measured PL


Download Instructions

  1. To download and install the demo version of SimuLase click the appropriate link above.
  2. A dialog box should appear.
  3. Click OK to the option “Open with the default application (CompressedFolder)”.
  4. Once the file has been downloaded a file manager window should appear.
  5. Click on the file “SimuLaseTrial.msi” and follow the usual installation instructions appearing afterwards.
    If you have an older demo-version of SimuLase™ installed, the installation process might ask you to uninstall that version first. To do so select “Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs” on your Windows machine, highlight “SimuLaseTrial” and click “Remove”.
  6. Once you have successfully installed the program the “SimuLase”-icon, , should appear on your desktop. Click on it to start the program.
Simulase Manual

For a description of SimuLase’s features and functionality, including detailed real live examples for the modeling of edge-emitter and VECSEL devices, download the full manual above.

SimuLase QuickStartGuide

The Quick-Start-Guide gives a brief introduction into the functionality of SimuLase.

Description of typical examples
You can also download just the description of the use of SimuLase for real life examples. These files can also be accessed through the “Help”-menu in the program. Please contact us at for trouble shooting or any feedback.

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SimuLase™ is a state-of-the-art microscopic physics-based software tool enabling a broad class of users, from laser designers, materials growers to educators, to take advantage of semiconductor epitaxy design and optimization that are key underpinnings to modern semiconductor laser modeling.

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SimuLase™ for 2D Structure

(Coming soon)

NLCSTR SimuLase to model Transition Metal Dichalcogenide (TMDC) Materials. These 2D structures hold tremendous promise for advanced optical computing and quantum computing devices.

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SimuLase Designer™

SimuLase_Designer™ is an easy-to-use GUI.

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Gain Database™

NLCSTR provides Gain Databases (Tables) for standard III-V and II-VI material systems.

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