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Following the links below you can download a free demo-version of SimuLase_Designer™ Version 2.0 as well as the full manual for SimuLase that includes detailed instructions about how to use the features of SimuLase_Designer and the implemented physical models. You can also download a quick-start guide for SimuLase_Designer.

If you have already purchased SimuLase_Designer from NLCSTR and would like the latest version of the GUI, please contact NLCSTR. For updates to the program please check the page Updates.

Download Instructions:

If you have an older version of SimuLase_Designer, un-install that version first by selecting "Start | Control Panel | Add or Remove Programs" on your Windows machine, highlight "SimuLaseD_Demo" and click "Remove".
To download and install the GUI click the appropriate link below. A dialog box should appear. Click OK to the option "Open with the default application (CompressedFolder)". Once the file has been downloaded a filemanager window should appear. Click on the file "SimuLaseD_Demo.msi" and follow the usual installation instructions appearing afterwards. Once you have successfully installed the GUI a "SimuLase_Designer"-icon , , should appear on your desktop.

Please contact us at for trouble shooting or any feedback.

Free Downloads:

Download SimuLase_Designer Demo, Version 2.0 (5.0Mb, last update: 10/04/14).
SimuLase_Designer QuickStartGuide (pdf-file, 0.4Mb, last update: 10/04/14).
Full SimuLase Manual (pdf-file, 3.2Mb, last update: 10/04/14).

For more details about SimuLase_Designer go here.

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